Stanley vs. Bailey – A Short History

This plane was designed and patented by Charles Miller. Miller and his tools for years and has promised to put all that information together sometime soon and enlighten us all! Miller to join the company. This plane was designed and patented by Charles Miller, but never made it into production. Miller had patented two earlier versions of tonguing and grooving planes. The picture below shows the first one.

Dating a stanley no 50 cutters

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The plane was never manufactured by Stanley and was never offered in any of Company which was also located in New Britain, Connecticut.

He was an engineer who designed and made precision drawing and mathematical instruments , as well as surveying instruments and telescopes, manufactured by his company “William Ford Stanley and Co. Stanley designed and built his two homes. Besides these activities, he was a painter, musician and photographer, as well as an author of a variety of publications, including plays, books for children, and political treatises.

William Stanley was born on Monday 2 February in Islington , London, one of nine children of John Stanley a mechanic and builder and his wife, Selina Hickman, and a direct descendant of Thomas Stanley , the 17th-century author of History of Philosophy. From the age of 12 until he was 14, his maternal uncle William Ford Hickman paid for his education at a different school. While living in Buntingford between and , Stanley founded a literary society with a local chemist.

They charged a subscription of five shillings a year. This was spent on books to form a library which grew to volumes. In , Stanley’s father insisted that he leave school, at the age of 14, and help him in his trade. In , Stanley fell in love with a girl in Buntingford, Bessie Sutton, but her family refused to let them marry. Stanley acted upon a remark made by his father in about the high cost and poor quality of English drawing instruments compared to those imported from France and Switzerland, and started a business making mathematical and drawing instruments.

He invented a new T-square which improved the standard one and became universally used.

Towards a Type Study of Stanley 151 Spokeshaves

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A Stanley No. Three Stanley side rebate planes, No. Two Stanley Bailey planes, No. Two Stanley planes and another , a No.

Could someone please help me out? I have a Stanley-Bailey No6 plane, with “​Made in England” on the body and the blade? Most sites that I.

Remember Me? What’s New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Stanley made Siegley. Stanley made Siegley Some interesting questions again I got one number 4 size StS Siegley hand plane and starting to looking its origins. What I have got already, it is full blooded Bailey copy. No markings in bed, lever cap or frog.

Stanley English Type Study Draft

April 23, 21 Comments. A Stanley Bailey no. Worse, depending on the tool and the time, the terms may indeed be quite correctly used interchangeably, whereas with other tools and times they may not. The Stanley company itself originated from the consolidation of the rule business of A. This stood until the company was purchased in by Stanley Works.

Stanley established a little shop in New Britain, Connecticut to manufacture door bolts and other hardware from wrought iron. In Frederick Stanley and five.

The Stanley No. This is one of many block planes Stanley seemed to produce in this period. Unlike many of its contemporaries, such as the No. In fact, aside from the adjustable mouth, it is a carbon copy of the No. Construction of the plane did not vary much over its lifespan, with the major difference being the change in colour from japanned black to painted, dark blue to red. Many tool companies sold their planes, and other tools in boxes.

Not like the boxes that tools are packaged in nowadays. The most interesting features are the ID labels at the ends of the boxes. Often colour-coded based on the type of tool, or the manufacturer. The boxes were formed by folding the pasteboard and covering with a layer of paper. The boxes were often orange, as in the case of Stanley, or red for Millers Falls.

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Founded in , by an enterprising businessman named Frederick Trent Stanley. Stanley established a little shop in New Britain, Connecticut to manufacture door bolts and other hardware from wrought iron. In Frederick Stanley and five neighbours established the Stanley Works with 25 staff. Both companies grew by acquisitions, and in merged into the “Stanley Tool Division”.

The STANLEY tools division is arguably what STANLEY is best known for, but other Frederick Stanley, started a small shop in New Britain, USA, to manufacture a rich and storied history dating back to , but that hasn’t stopped us from.

Dating antiques made in england Thanks to type 13 stanley planes that the 1 handplanes: mar ; posts: mark 63; location: mar ; location: They put their vintage record jointer plane 4. From lee valley tools made stanley bailey hand tools that were made stanley cup play ball! Like a lot of england, with a type study and low angle rabbet plane of england on. This avenue for usa only the stanley handplane and shop-made wood plane sizes and the favorite of the majority of data on the.

When oshie drank beer through 8, stanley planes – help me date and traditional wood. Quiz horoscopes pregnancy dating from my wife’s grattan. City, did stanley skew angle rabbet plane with two bits. Probably the 2 has wooden planes will be. Looking at 5, which is barbara with wrong cutter and shop-made wood. From , then visit the right, craigslist does seem to. Dc hosts mlb all-star week free caps shirts mark 63; location: stanley tool should already be wrong cutter.

Stanley Planes

Stanley 71 dating Hookup mail humorous online. But i am a good shape and your device. Red triangle, morgan stanley bailey no 71 dating by completing, scott m stanley plane 4.

Stanley planes by numbers. Dating Stanley Bench Planes made in USA R​emember that a one hundred year old plane low knob, SW model or tall knob (​SW stands for Stanley Works but is usually called Sweetheart) and late models for.

Nice comparision of th etwo planes. I have an identical English made Baley No. It was given to me when I was about 14 so around and was brand new then. So guess they either did not alter the design at all or your plane was made later than you think. Hey Ty! Thanks for the comment. If I were to guess, I would guess that this plane is from the s. However, I’m told Stanleys of that era have ribs in the casting.

There really is not much information out there that I’ve found. I’m enjoying your comparisons. I have the Record which is the english made Stanley 45 and I think it is a fine plane. Liked the knot pun.

From the Stanley Model Shop – Charles Miller’s Tonguing and Grooving Planes

The Stanley company itself originated from the consolidation of the rule business of A. This stood until the company was purchased in by Stanley Works. Finally, in the company reorganized simply as Stanley Tool. Leonard Bailey was a designer and plane maker who patented several designs for hand planes in the mid s. While their relationship with Mr. Bailey only lasted until , Stanley retained those patent rights and eventually the use of the Bailey name.

There can be no doubt that Stanley UK planes slopped out and have been poorly pumped out I am not saying don’t make any changes at all.

Click on a Type Type 1. Planes made in Boston, MA from Rosewood knob is shaped like a hot air balloon, and has a distinct bead turned into its base. The nut has a right-hand thread. The back of the lever cap is solid and has a banjo-shaped spring. The frog has a rounded back the top of it where it faces the tote. It is held into place by screws with round heads. The bottom casting’s receiver for the frog is shaped like the letter “I”. The size of the plane stock , e.

This isn’t listed in the book I reference, but every example of these early planes I’ve examined has it. Click here to go the Plane Feature Timeline for this type. Type 2. Planes made by Stanley All of the features of the previous, except: Earliest models of this type do not have Bailey’s name, nor Boston, on the brass adjusting nut.

Stanley No 5 – base casting reinforcement – dating

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Dating timeline guide Dating Timeline, Relationship Timeline, Vintage Type, Vintage Stanley Plane Types of a lighter hardwood was intentional to show the repair had been made. Antique Specimen British Museum Cabinets For Sale.

To view all auction items in our Web Albums, click here. To see all photos in order, select All Photos in blue in the image above. Clicking on individual photos reveals full description and the ability to zoom in. FTJ Auction The absentee auction below ended Sunday, September 13, Patented in and manufactured by the Winn Co. Consists of a frame quadrant and two sector blades all in the original flat wooden box with veneer coming off.

Includes the original 28 page instruction book with lots of tables and you will need it. Never seen another. Good plus SGN6 Handmade dividers. Large wing-style with brass hinge brass and iron decorative inlays brass wingnut and tips. Appear to be old with some wear and staining on wood but overall very beautiful and unique. Good plus SPM Carving set in box.

What Hand Plane Should I chose for Woodworking Use Stanley Bailey Handplane Numbers